Their First Pillow

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Make their first pillow "Their first pillow".

This chiropractic designed pillow is designed and made in Australia to be the best pillow when your child is getting their first pillow. 

The pillow is GECA certified with a 100% cotton cover and is designed to be the perfect height for your little ones first pillow. 

Australian Made, Non Toxic and made from Hypo-Allergenic foam.

The traditional style foam used in "Their first Pillow" will give your child the support and comfort they require as they use a pillow for the first time. 

"My First Pillow" For boys and girls of 2 or more years old.

It is important to note that pillows are not suitable for babies. As a precaution please view the kids safe sleeping guide if you are unsure of the type of pillow that will best suit your toddler. 

Therapeutic Pillow Australia has developed the "Their First Pillow" for kids transitioning from the late stages of cot sleeping in to their first bed.

Gently contoured, the pillow is extra soft to allow movement and the low and low-low contoured side profile suits children with small and large frames.  Using premium HealthGuard foam to protect against bacteria, mould & dust mites.  This not only positions the child in the perfect sleeping position but helps alleviate asthma and allergies for small children. 

Recommended for your child by the experts.

Recommended from 2+ This pillow was created to help promote restful sleep for your child while understanding that he/she is not the same size as you. Children need the proper size pillows to achieve a good night's sleep, which helps them‚Äčthrive and bounce into the day after a good nights sleep

Full Size Pillow Dimensions - Just Extra Low!

Being a full size pillow in terms of dimensions the pillow will fit snuggly either in the cot or in the bed. 

Also suitable for adult back sleepers who are after something very low to help with a small amount of support under their back.