Side Snuggler Body Pillow - Side Sleeping Comfort Support Pillow

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Side Sleeping Pregnancy Neck Support Pillow. Designed to encourage side sleeping for mothers-to-be during pregnancy & snorers alike.

Fully adjustable memory foam and polyfill pillow designed to support side-sleeping during pregnancy. Also designed to be of help in the management of pain for patients with neck, back and/or shoulder injuries.

  • Cushioning 'arms' fully support the front and back of your body.
  • Deters you from rolling onto your back during sleep.
  • Scalloped 'nook' area helps accommodate shoulder.
  • Infinitely adjustable to suit all physiques.
  • Memory foam & polyfill combination provides comfort & support.

Australian Made & Owned

Our Side Snuggler Body Pillow is proudly made in Australia by us, an Australian owned company, utilising the world class manufacturing and health and safety standards that Australia sustains throughout the country.

Designed for Pre & Post-Natal Women

Our quality Australian made pregnancy & snoring relief pillow is designed to encourage side sleeping for mothers-to-be. Correct support for the front and back of your body to encourage therapeutic spinal support and neck alignment whilst sleeping. 

Fully adjustable to suit all physiques and with pressure-diffusing Memory Foam for relief from aches and pains, promoting a better quality sleep. Cushioning ‘arms’ fully support the front and back of your body, deterring you from rolling onto your back! Provides support for upper arm to inhibit compression of the chest whilst side sleeping.

Intentionally overfilled Side Snuggler is adjustable to suit all body shapes

Generously filled SideSnuggler is intentionally overfilled to cater for average to large persons. For smaller physiques simply delete some of the filling to ensure your headand neck is aligned comfortably for your shape and to help alleviate neck pain.

Totally adjustable - Create your perfect pillow

Separated support zones with zip access allows you to independently adjust soft polyfill in the neck and head area for the desired height, density and feel to perfectly suit your comfort and support needs.

Specially angled nook cavity is designed to allow shoulders to snugly mould to pillow's form.

Note: Ensure the 'nook's' ridge is on the low (sheet) underside and not the high side (neck and head side). The ridge, incidently, helps create and maintain the shoulder angled area.

The best of both worlds: Memory foam & polyfill combination

SideSnuggler's pressure-diffusing memory foam spans the full pillow width and blends with layers of super-soft polyfill to cradle the neck and support the head evenly for desired spinal alignment. Luxurious memoryfoam with soft polyfill. 

The Side Snuggler supports side sleeping during pregnancy

After the first trimester, as the baby grows, and the uterus expands, mothers may find that back sleeping is uncomfortable. This is because the major vein, the inferior vena cava which follows the right side of the spine, becomes compressed by the weight of the baby and uterus.

The inferior vena cava carries blood back to the heart from the lower half of the body. Its compression may compromise the circulation to the baby and your lower limbs. Side sleeping on the left side is recommended by the medical profession and usually preferred by expectant mothers.

As your pregnancy progresses your normal sleeping positions will no longer be recommended or comfortable.  Sleeping on your left side will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby.  The Side Snuggler helps maintain side sleeping throughout the night, ensuring more restful, quality sleep.  The Side Snuggler can also be adjusted to create an elevated sleeping position, recommended to ease many pregnancy discomforts, such as heartburn.

Pregnancy sleeping problems and solutions

Heartburn & pregnancy heartburn may increase later on in the pregnancy when the growing uterus creates pressure on the stomach. If you have heartburn during the night, you will need to elevate your upper body. The Side Snuggler pillow will help in elevating your upper body to reduce your discomfort. Separated support zones with zip access allow you to independently adjust soft polyfill in the neck and head area for the desired height, density and feel to perfectly suit your comfort and support needs. If you need more height try an upper body support pillow or sleeping on a bed wedge.

Shortness of breath & pregnancy

In late pregnancy you may experience shortness of breath as your enlarging uterus takes up more space, resulting in pressure against your diaphragm (the muscle just below your lungs). The Side Snuggler Pillow may offer some relief by elevating your upper body and facilitating a side sleeping position. Separated support zones with zip access allow you to adjust the filling in the neck and head area for the desired height, density and feel to perfectly suit your comfort and support needs. Alernatively, try an upper body support pillow. 

Back Pain & pregnancy

The extra weight you carry during pregnancy can add to back pain and pain in you legs, plus your growing tummy may cause spinal twisting when lying especially if it is unsupported. The Side Snuggler is designed to help aleviate back pain by sleeping on your side. A pregnancy pillow under your abdomen will also help, as will a pillow between your legs to help align the hips.

Side Snuggler pillow is also designed to help relieve and possibly stop snoring

Side sleeping is the preferred position for helping to minimise & perhaps stop snoring as it enables the soft tissue (palate) to fall to the side of the airway and be less obstructive to the air you breathe in. Alternatively, back sleeping sees the soft palate liable to fall backwards to partially impede the airway, and as air passes through this obstruction the soft tissues tend to vibrate and produce the snoring sound.