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Finally a Full Body Support for Pregnancy, Side Sleeping and GERD

The Real Relief is a full body support pillow designed to give comfort and elevation while at the same time moulding to your shape. The Side reliever is designed to take pressure off your back and ribs and will help to relieve the symptoms of heartburn.

Integral to the design of the product is the low indent/curve that allows your arms to rest and your shoulders to sink into the pillow which will reduce any pressure points while you sleep. The angle the pillow puts you on will maximise comfort for those in the third trimester of pregnancy when sleeping on your side is integral. 

Two part construction for Maximum Support and Premium Comfort

The New Outlook Real Relief is made using a base of high density traditional foam designed to give your body the comfort and support that it needs. The traditional foam will prevent flattening and hollowing out of the product for ongoing support. 

On top of this high density foam core is a layer of memory foam designed to allow you to mould into the product for maximum comfort in the side sleeping and resting position. 


Length 120cm
Width 70cm
Contour 20cm high midway across product
Dip in contour 18cm
High Contour 31cm at maximum height.
Quilted Cover Cotton with Polyester Wadding
Optional Tailored Slip Polycotton

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    Posted by Bethany on 9th Oct 2017

    My with Real Relief has been a happy one. After slipping down the pillow on the first night, I found that on the second night, the foam had begun to mould to my shape and I slept soundly. On her my night, I was experiencing quite extreme heartburn and without Real Relief I wouldn't of been able to sleep.

    Bethany also likes to use Real Relief on the couch while watching television.

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    Posted by Amanda on 9th Oct 2017

    The pillow is a wonderful shape and I enjoyed lying on it awake, it definitely helped reduce the heartburn I was feeling while reading and relaxing.

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    Posted by Jade on 9th Oct 2017

    I found Real Relief comfortable, supportive and the firmness feels just right. It is a high quality product witch supported my back and tummy well. My back actually felt better after a night on it.

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    Posted by Sally on 9th Oct 2017

    I liked that it provided my growing body with the support it needed. It was especially comfortable around my hips, tummy and shoulders, moulding to my shape. The pillow would be great for others who are suffering from heartburn and reflux, as your head is raised. No more pile of pillows that you spend the whole night putting back into place

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    Posted by Jasmine on 9th Oct 2017

    I really liked how comfortable the pillow was. I laid on it when I felt the onset of heartburn and it really helped, it virtually relieved my heart burn. I would recommend ‘Real Relief’ to any fellow heartburn suffers

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    First night in such a long time without heart burn!

    Posted by Krystal on 9th Oct 2017

    The pillow was firm yet comfortable and felt like it moulded to my body. The incline of the head positions perfect to prevent heartburn and reflux from bothering me during my sleep.
    The pillow is like your own personal pregnancy bed, allowing full body comfort and the ability to adjust your entire body rather than just your head position to gain relief.
    I would recommend the pillow to any pregnant woman who is suffering from reflux or heartburn discomfort